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New Advisor Advanced Platform

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Dear Customer,
We are delighted to announce the introduction of the new Advisor Advanced platform. It has new capabilities of full access integration and Ultrasync cloud services.
Advisor Advanced, which has proven its reliability over the years, now provides integrators via connected security systems with a competitive edge by offering more functionality and lower installation costs that helps them generate additional revenue streams.
From the end-user perspective, the systems are easier to use, seamlessly integrated, and accessible from mobile devices.
Present in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, UTC delivers Advisor Advanced and Integrated solutions as well as services to the residential, SME, and commercial markets. 
With UltraSync cloud based services, UTC is taking the next step in providing innovative solutions and technologies to their customers.

Why is Advisor Advanced a natural choice?

I . Reduced operational costs

Equipped with a unique serial number, Advisor Advanced empowered by UltraSync lets you easily and quickly establish remote M2M connections, in order to diagnose & configure from anywhere you are; No port forwarding, DNS nor public IP address required.
Reduced installation time and minimized onsite visits result in significant cost reduction.

II. Secure & immediate connectivity

While the importance of secure connectivity over internet is widely understood and agreed upon, the reality is often different. UltraSync makes sure your connectivity is secured at all times, using an end-2-end encrypted communication with VPN technology.
Thanks to a high performing low-latency network, UltraSync provides near real-time data communication.

III. Ability to generate service revenues

With a hosted web portal, Integrators can manage and diagnose devices and provide a service model for their customers. 
Using UTC roaming SIM card, you have all your communication in professional hands.

IV. Flexibility to expand

Ability to integrate a wide variety of sensors, wired and wireless as well as alarm verification solutions like PIRcam.
To drive simplicity in a complex business environment, Advisor Advanced can be integrated with Management software integrating Intrusion, access video and Fire into one single interface.

V. Push messages

The Advisor Advanced Mobile App, available on IOS and Android, will offer your end users new ways to be alerted on what is happening on site.
To learn more of the latest on Advisor Advanced empowered by Ultrasync:  
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