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New product development Video - New PoE ultra & industrial switches


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IFS™ Network Switches

December 2016


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We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest additions to our line of IFS Network Transmission Products

These products introduce POE Ultra (60W) to our range of IFS Network Switches as well as expands on our existing Industrial network products.

In this message you will find:

  • Summary of features
  • Product overview
  • Product availability
  • Useful information & tools
  • Pricing information

Summary of features

We have some exciting features on these products:

POE Ultra

Support for 60 watt POE – To support the high demands of IP video and other applications. As POE devices introduce more and more features requiring more and more power, the latest POE-Ultra devices are here to meet the needs of current devices as well as potential future products.

New 4-Port POE Switch powered by POE-Ultra –Taking advantage of the new POE-Ultra high power output we are introducing a new 4-Port POE switch/extender powered purely by POE-Ultra – no local power is required!

Industrial Switches

New wall mount form factor – A new flat wall mount form factor that packs the same features as our standard DIN Rail mount products but in a new more convenient form factor.

16-Port Industrial POE switch – We were told that for some applications 8-Ports is just not enough – we listened and now we have a 16-Port industrial POE switch.

Product overview

POE-Ultra Products

IMAGEA cost effective POE-Ultra injector. This product provides POE power up to 60 watts for demanding POE applications. This product will also support the TVP-1122 IP PTZ camera with IR.

IMAGEThis 4-Port POE switch takes power and data from a POE-Ultra switch and provides a network switch solution without the need for a local power supply. With a total of up to 55 watts of POE power available across the 4-POE ports, this is a truly flexible and convenient solution.

For applications that require support for multiple high demand POE devices we have the 16-Port POE-Ultra switch. With a total of 400 watts of POE power shared across the 16 POE ports. Each ports support POE-af/at/Ultra for maximum flexibility.

Industrial Switches

IMAGEThe NS3050 is a cost effective industrial switch for applications where POE power is not required such as connecting control room equipment like PC’s and printers. This switch features EEE Eco mode to reduce power consumption for non-used ports making the switch more economical to run.

IMAGEA new “Flat” wall mount form factor for applications where the standard DIN rail mount device is either not suitable or not convenient. This POE industrial switch is suitable for a wide variety of applications and has all the features you have come to expect from our managed switch line – including PD alive checking.

We were told that for some applications 8-Ports is just not enough – we listened and now we have a 16-Port industrial POE switch. Suitable for demanding environments, this switch is rated for temperatures from -40 to +75 °C.

Product availability

All products are available for order at EDC effective immediately. 
Note: these products are available to all sales channels.

Industrial switches



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Ultra POE



20 December 2016


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Useful information and tools

Attached to this message you will find:

  • Datasheets of the concerned products

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The Video Team