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New product development Video - TruVision NVR 22

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TruVision NVR 22

November 2016


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It’s time to move on to a new video compression standard, H.265! We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TruVision NVR 22 (TVN 22), the first H.265 capable TruVision network video recorder.

In this message we cover:

  • Product & solution overview
  • Key features
  • Summary of key technical specifications
  • Software & integration
  • Tools & Documentation
  • SDK support
  • Localization
  • Ordering information
  • Sales training
  • Availability of the TVN21

Product & solution overview

The TVN 22 marks the start of the next generation of TruVision recorders. The recorder will replace the TVN 21 series by offering H.265 compatibility and better overall performance and functionality.

The overall performance of the TVN 22 has increased compared with the TVN 21: the recorder has a higher outgoing bandwidth (256 Mbps for each model), the incoming bandwidth for the 32 channel model is higher and we offer now also a 64 channel model.

Like the TVN 21, the TVN 22 contains the OH (Osborne-Hoffmann) alarm receiver module and offers basic integration between intrusion panels and video. The recorder can receive SIA or XSIA messages from UTC IP based alarm panels. The alarm messages, arming, disarming and heart beat messages can be linked to actions like alarm recording, sound the recorder’s buzzer, trigger an alarm output or control a PTZ dome (preset, shadow tour or preset tour). Messages from up to 3 different panels and up to 32 zones per panel can report to the recorder. The events can also be reported to TVRmobile via the Push Notification feature.

What is H.265? 
H.265 is the next evolution of video encoding. It reduces the file size by up to 50% compared to H.264, providing equal savings both in transmission bandwidth and storage capacity while maintaining equal or higher image quality. To use the H.265 encoding in the TVN 22, H.265 cameras need to be used. H.265 will be available in the TruVision S4 IP cameras that will be launched soon. The use of H.265 also allows for more efficient use of higher camera resolutions and frame rates. While providing H.265 capabilities, TVN 22 remains fully compatible with H.264 cameras, allowing for full support of both systems.

Key features

  • Supports H.264, H.265 and MPEG-4 encoding
  • Models available for 8, 16, 32 or 64 channels
  • Supports recording of cameras up to 8 MPX (4K)
  • Up to 8/16 channels in Full HD @ 25fps on the local monitor outputs (HDMI/VGA)
  • Offers HDMI, VGA, and BNC outputs (BNC output for event only)
  • Front panel hard drive access for easy service and upgrade
  • Up to 24TB (TVN 22/TVN 22S) or up to 48TB (TVN 22P) internal storage
  • Dual network gigabit ports on TVN 22 and TVN 22P
  • TVN 22S: 8 or 16 PoE ports for IP cameras (max. 30W per port)
  • Provides a user-friendly Web Browser for device configuration and viewing of live and recorded video
  • Offers flexible and powerful recording mechanism: Scheduled, Event (motion detection, VCA) triggered, Alarm triggered as well as pre & post recording
  • Supports PTZ controls for PTZ IP cameras, as well as alarm inputs and outputs for the use of external alarms
  • Support for diagonal PTZ movement and proportional PTZ speed in combination with TVK-800
  • Embedded OH receiver for easy integration with intrusion panels
  • ezDDNS support
  • DVD burner support via USB port, web browser or TruVision Navigator
  • Quick local archiving using USB
  • 16/4 alarm inputs/outputs
  • Support for bi-directional audio for cameras that provide this functionality
  • Safari browser Plug-in for Mac
  • ONVIF profile S support for 3rd party cameras
  • Local on screen display (OSD) available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Turkish
  • Supported by TruVision Navigator 6.0SP1 and TVRmobile 2.4

Summary of key technical specifications


TVN 22




8,16, 32



Incoming bandwidth (Mbps)

80, 160, 256

80, 160

256, 320, 320

Outgoing bandwidth (Mbps)




Max camera resolution

8 MPX (4K)

8 MPX (4K)

8 MPX (4K)

Max. HDD capacity

24TB (4x6TB)

24TB (4x6TB)

48TB (8x 6TB)

NAS support




RAID support



0,1, 5,10

Software & integration

A key differentiator for the UTC video range is integration. TVN 22 offers immediate integration with TruVision Navigator and TVRmobile. Other integrations will follow in the coming months.


Support for TVN 22

TruVision Navigator

6.0SP1 (released)


2.4 (released)


Version 2016 (to be released in Q4)


To be confirmed


in the next Mas Video update


in 2017

Tools & documentation

TVN 22 comes with the following tools and documentation:

  • TruVision recorder operator guide
  • A&E specifications
  • CE certificate
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Camera compatibility chart

A new TruVision calculator will soon be available and will allow you to calculate the estimated storage capacity for the all TruVision recorders, including the new TVN 22 with H.264 or H.265 cameras.

SDK support

Customers who are now using our TruVision SDK to create software that integrate with the recorders and cameras will need an updated version of the SDK when using the TVN 22 to be able to use the H.265 streams. Please check the validity of the NDAs that were signed for obtaining the initial SDK and if needed, renew the NDA for getting the updated SDK.


All documents are currently available in English and are in the process of being translated to an additional 10 languages, being: NL, PT, FI, ES, DE, FR, IT, PL, RU and TR.

The recorder OSD and browser interface is available in a full suite of 12 languages, being EN, ES, DE, CN, FR, IT, NL, PL, PT, RU, FI and TR.

Ordering information

The TVN 22 recorder is available with different storage capacities:

TVN 22:

xx : number of channels 8,16 or 32

TVN 22S:

yy: number of channels: 8 or 16

TVN 22P:

zz: number of channels: 16, 32 or 64

Availability of the TVN 21

Limited stock of TVN 21 will remain available to cover the immediate need for integrated systems where TVN 22 is not yet fully supported, as well as to support systems that are already specified on TVN 21. When TVN 22 will be fully supported throughout the software portfolio, a separate end-of-life notice will be sent out.

Until then, please continue to share forecasting for both TVN 21 and TVN 22 with the supply chain team so that we ensure the right stock levels are maintained of both products.

As usual, please contact the supply chain and product management team should you expect large volume orders.


Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Best regards,
The Video Team